Sector 10, Chandigarh

CASA Bella restaurant

What Marta did in Manali, she replicated in Chandigarh. It’s the cosiest, most comfortable cafe in the city – with easily the best fare of it’s kind. I can spend all day sitting there, sipping the lemonade to the smoothie to the coffee. Interspersed with a salad, a pasta, a pizza, a strawberry tart or some sinfully oozy chocolate concoction. It’s the best space and you can choose the cosy interior or the charming sit out under the sun umbrellas.




Marta is from Spain and she missed home food. She has created a menu and trained her chefs to deliver that taste of the Mediterranean – that all you travellers need to sample. The best pizzas, pastas, soups & salads. The coffee is unparalled as are the deserts. Don’t miss it.


Our Cottages in Manali


If you look for style, comfort, class, unspoilt beauty and location, we are ‘it’. A short walk from the main bazaar and across the bridge from Old Manali. But once you enter the gate, all you see are deodars and mountains, the sound of the river and birds are the only disturbance. Beautifully appointed cottages with 3 bedrooms each, lovely sitting, dining and kitchen. There is even the loft room that kids love. We also have two stand alone rooms for the couples or singles. We are on the main road to the log huts a little past the Old Manali fork. As said – location and location again, but not a high rise hotel, a lovely getaway.

Cottage Reservation